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Well I dunno y’all, I think I’m about pretty much to the conclusion that because I sit all day every day that, no matter what gun I carry, what belt I use or what OWB holster I use to carry it in, that nothing’s going to work comfortably unless I “A”, lose a bunch of my gut, or slap on a set of suspenders between two shirts, or resort to wearing two shirts for a shoulder holster, or only OWB carry the way that I have been, but with something that’s as light as my little Pug 22 magnum revolver from North American Arms because between a new gun, new holster and two new gun belts, this just ain’t workin.

So, I’m thinking I’m just gonna go back to pocket carrying the Springfield in the front hip pocket of my cargo pants for when I’m at work, and probably get one of those magnetic gun mounts for any of my other full-size guns to get mounted to the underneath of my dash in my work truck, and just call it a day.

The whole reason of this thread was to hopefully find a comfortable, yet best feasible and easily accessible solution to carry my gun when I’m at work in my semi all day; not only for when I’m standing in line in the convenient store trying to pay for the diesel I just pumped in my truck, but for also when I’m sitting down all day in the cab and I all of the sudden have to defend myself from somebody trying to carjack me.

I thought I could take out two birds with one stone and just carry one gun concealed outside the waistband that would cover both in and out of the truck but comfortability is being an issue that’s preventing it so, I feel this is my only option. Thanks for everybody’s help and suggestions.

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