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I use a ratchet belt. It's basically a leather belt with a smaller kydex belt inside it. So it's a little stiffer, a little sturdier, and still looks like a regular belt. What makes it so great is being able to quickly and easily select the retention point. The little stops on the kydex are very close together and lock securely. It's not just that you can get a more exact fit off the bat. It's that you can make tiny adjustments as needed. Whether you're really full or you skipped lunch, or whatever else you have going on, when your body changes a little you can match it with ease.

Here's something else we don't always talk about. Being a bigger guy can change how you wear clothes, much less guns. Notice the discussion of having to cinch a belt very tightly to get it to work and how that's not entirely comfortable. They've fallen a little out of favor but once upon a time, it was common for a bigger guy to wear suspenders instead of a belt. While it might be fashion faux pas, you can wear both for the sake of concealed carry. The suspenders will allow you to relax the belt a little. It becomes more about holding the gun than holding up your pants or keeping to just the right spot on your waist. Since you'll probably be wearing a cover garment anyway, there are types of suspenders than can be worn a layer down.

If you're in a position to wear the right cover garment all the time, you might consider shoulder carry. Some shoulder rigs anchor to the belt line and act as de facto suspenders.
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