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Ha, funny you mentioned the Python. That same brother in law is drooling over those. He said he wants to buy both barrel lengths.

Yeah, its not much of an “investment”, maybe in the right conditions (that aren’t here now) to the right person you could profit a grand if you can be ok with price gouging, ha. I just am an old Colt fanboy at heart, ill take the ridicule. I would have just wanted another one to have it incase they never came back. The good sale was just a bonus. However I’m not a brand snob any longer. I picked up a PSA stainless mid length upper and a lower back in December ($350 combined minus ffl and shipping) and absolutely love it. Very accurate and i hacked off the front A2 fixed sight post and threw an $89 PA non-magnification red dot on it. 2” at 100 yards all day long. Was pleasantly surprised. Oops, got off topic.
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