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Originally Posted by davidsog View Post
Gun to a bar??

Great way to introduce lethal outcomes where none existed beforehand.
None existed beforehand? I'm well aware that the presence of a firearm can elevate the threat and escalate situations that may have been minor. At the same time, at a bar in my state two patrons got into a fist fight outside. One took a blow to the head, fell on the sidewalk the right way, and died from the head trauma he received. The bar subsequently lost its license and was sued for overserving. Lethal outcomes can certainly exist without the presence of a firearm.
Absolutely................. When I lived in the Houston area in the late 70s, stopped at the local "ice house" on the way home from the refinery were we converting. Two guys decided to mix it up and they were told to leave. One guy leaves, gets his 1911 and stays outside dumping the full mag into the other guy's limited edition Corvette; then simply got in his car and drove away................

Had they been carrying in the bar, who knows what might have happened. Of course the sweet old lady behind the bar and a SBS behind the bar as well as her own 1911; she was ready and not afraid to use either one.................
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