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I was born in a Pub in England, as a little kid, stoked shelves, dusted bottles, made sure all labels faced the front! My first confrontation, I was 15 YOA.
Came home from the movies (Pictures) The Grapes Hotel. St Helens Lancashire.

A door from the Street led to a long skinny passage, to the Ladies Snug. On the other side of one wall was the Bar. Coming from that room, a loud Irish voice!
And my Dad replying, quiet and reasonable. I continued across the snug, into the outside yard, picked up a quart bottle of Lemonade, a bar cloth, and headed back to the street. Carefully wrapping the cloth around the sharp bottle cap. To protect my hand.

Carefully peeped through the embossed window, I could see the large broad back of the customer, arguing with my Dad. Who was in the bar, on the other side, you never go over the Bar, ever! My 5'6" tall Dad, who weighed in at about 160 lbs. The most gentle man you could ever wish to meet.

Me, even at 15, not so much! Slipped into the bar, very quietly, gently crept up behind the Irishman. Holding the bottle, elbow cocked, quivering like a dog SXXXXXX razor blades. My Dad stealing glances over the Customers shoulder.

The Irish Man suddenly twigged on the change in the atmospherics and gave a quick peep over his shoulder. "Who is that?" My Son said, my Dad.
"And phat is he going to do?" My Dad just looked puzzled and said he had no idea. I just knew if he made a move towards my Dad, I was going to crush his skull.

In a very low, reasonable voice the Customer spoke to me as you would just speak to a grungy Pit Bull, quietly. "Me and your Dad was just having a Chat Son." He left, very slowly. He did slam the door and break the glass, but came back the next day to pay for it!

Living in a Pub till I went to do my National Service, 2 years. I did not start drinking until then. Now at 84, I have one glass of Merlot on our night out, every two weeks, with neighbours down the street, the two Ladies have two!

My Glock 19 Gen 4, concealed, TruGlo night sights, 4 lb trigger, clean as a whistle. The car park, not the best lit one. I pick up the Jeep, and go back to the entrance, to pick all 3 up. That meal takes an hour to consume, a very good night out. All 3 give me the seat facing the door, paranoid? Just a bit.

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