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I carry when I go into my local sports bar.
I figure it is better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6.
I don't drink more the 2 or 3 beers with food.
This place is more restaurant than bar anyway but it does have a few rough looking biker types that come in from time to time.
I sure don't want to die from a shootout that one of them started
, so I protect myself & other friends at my table.
Seriously?? I'm a "BIKER" and I carry. The last thing you would have to worry about is a shootout. More than likely you would get a serious ass-whoopen.
Just lovely the way the ignorant want to stereo type people.
To your 2-3 beers. That will not fly well in a supposedly SD shooting. Impaired thought, motor skill come to mind Someone of a sober mind very well would have not pulled the trigger. That would be one hell of an uphill battle in court.
If the term ignorant bothers you then gain some knowledge about "BIKERS."
I, we "BIKERS" don't go out looking for trouble. I have been in many a bar and many an outing with 1%'ers present and the problems come from the drunks that think they are tough. IMHO refrain from drinking while carrying.
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