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I wasn't there BUT....
I agree..not sure what being all 'tacticool', complete with tree suits, helmets and NVG setups was supposed to mean tho..I think the people wearing 'normal' clothes with an AR or something on their shoulder..making sane statements about the 2nd amendment paid great dividends.
I worried about it becoming a Kent State..with the exception of both sides being wasn't..AND, anybody who went 'inside the fence', onto capital property, nobody made a stink about not being shooting somebody..

As for the NRA..nothing on their webiste I could find about VA, lots about New Hampshire......
I didn't know what to make of the tacticool stuff either yesterday, but now in retrospect I suspect those who were dressed that way may have done so to act as a visible deterrent to any armed radical group/s who were planning on making major disturbance out of the whole thing. Fortunately everything went much smoother than expected.

And the pro-gun crowd left the place looking clean and untouched.

Imo, if there was one time and one place that the NRA was really "needed" in the last 50 years it was yesterday in Richmond. But they were nowhere to be found, and We The People did just fine without them. I don't know what they would have done if they were there...probably just bum money as always. I'm glad they didn't show up. The NRA useta be a good organization, but ol' man useta's dead.
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