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Originally Posted by Carmady View Post
I think it showed gun owners in a very positive light.

You want "political effect?" That takes $$$$.

Speaking of $$$$, was there any sign of the NRA there?
I wasn't there BUT....
I agree..not sure what being all 'tacticool', complete with tree suits, helmets and NVG setups was supposed to mean tho..I think the people wearing 'normal' clothes with an AR or something on their shoulder..making sane statements about the 2nd amendment paid great dividends.
I worried about it becoming a Kent State..with the exception of both sides being wasn't..AND, anybody who went 'inside the fence', onto capital property, nobody made a stink about not being shooting somebody..

As for the NRA..nothing on their webiste I could find about VA, lots about New Hampshire......
I suspect those who were dressed that way may have done so to act as a visible deterrent to any armed radical group/s who were planning on making major disturbance out of the whole thing.
Not sure as I don't think you could tell them apart. I suspect they were trying to make some point, like the guy in tactical grub and AR walking around a park...

Want to rile up the 'other side'? Dress like militia, complete with camo face paint, helmets, NVG stuff and 200 rounds of ammo in yer tacticool sure to yell at the camera's.

Want to sway the undecided 'middle'? Dress normally, carry that whatever over your shoulder, speak rationally and perhaps have 'middle america' identify with you.

"Tools not Trophies”

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