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I’ve seen Colt change minor various things on the 6920 throughout the years. The main differences I’ve seen are the roll marks on the lower (they changed all regular 6920s to say “M4 Carbine” some time in 2012 or 2013) and the attachments it comes with. Some time around 2012 or earlier (I can’t remember when exactly) they stopped coming with a removable carry handle and started coming with a Magpul rear sight. And sometime around 2013 or so they stopped coming with a Rogers Super Stock and just went back to a normal mil-spec M4 stock.

I’m fairly certain that they haven’t made any changes to the regular 6920 line since 2013. So a 2013 configuration should be the same as the most recently-available ones. Keep in mind that there was a line of 6920 SOCOMs and SOCOM 2s. Those had different rails and rear sights, and also had a heavy barrel. They also were marked ”M4A1” on the lower instead of ”M4 Carbine”.
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