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I try not to walk down the liquor aisle in a supermarket when armed.

Many states prohibit firearms in any establishment that sells alcohol in any capacity. It gets really pretty fuzzy in states where grocery stores can sell package liquor. Usually beer and wine are not as much of an issue because of the licensing requirements for selling beers and wines versus liquor, and spirits licensing requirements. Bars? That is running some very serious risks. People do really super stupid things under the influence of alcohol. I sure as heck wouldn't open carry in a bar lest I become a gun dispenser for some angry drunk. If I am carrying in a bar, you can bet it is very well concealed and I darn well mind my own business. I also do not drink alcohol. I am weary from playing "Take Away The Car Keys" and "Put Away the Knife" with drunken idiots. As a musician I was often one of the last people to leave a bar, and usually the most sober. I used to take the slide off my pistol, chain the frame to the car, and just take the slide into the bar. I carried European made guns, which have 3 serial numbers on them, one on the frame, one on the slide, and one on the barrel. To the ATF the frame of the gun is THE GUN.
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