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Every proposal of this kind has been rejected by the other side. They want (even demand) a system that either directly links (registers) individual owners with individual guns now, or will allow them to do so in the future.
Not really true..Dem Thomson and GOP King.
The legislation, which will likely be co-authored by Republican Representative Peter King of New York as well as several other as yet unnamed lawmakers, would require federal background checks on virtually all types of gun sales, with just a few exceptions.
Gun-control opponents like Hammond have long been worried about the creation of a gun-control registry that they fear could ultimately be used by the federal government to confiscate Americans’ firearms. To counter this concern, Thompson’s legislation actually includes a provision making it a federal crime to create a gun registry.
Not trying to be one of those who won't get help iff my car in broken down on a snowy highway but..just for info..another 'absolute' that isn't quite accurate. I will again mention that the gent in the 'big chair' mentioned UBC more than once as well.

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