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Originally Posted by 5whiskey View Post
I predict the same. Well actually I suspect there will be that one guy (probably a handful). But mass wholesale open defiance no. I don’t think there will be many AR15s turned in. I also don’t see aggressive LE pursuit of confiscation, to include state agents pursuing individuals only for violating that one law. It will be charged by some agencies if officers happen across it. 2A sanctuaries May not have any teeth to prevent state agencies from enforcing it, but it also may mean the local LEO officers will not themselves enforce that law. Outside of a speeding ticket issued by highway patrol, your average law abiding citizen rarely encounters a state LEO so this is still significant.

Even then, the 2A sanctuaries are really nothing more than a declaration. I don’t know that there would be teeth to prevent an individual officer from charging someone under the new law, even if it’s a declared policy that the agency doesn’t want to charge it. That officer may not last long there, but I don’t know that he could be openly prevented from enforcing a state law.
if anyone uses a banned item in self defense or is caught using it recreationally, they will be made an example of, simple as that. this will ensure that those with banned items are rendered useless, so its just as well.

some think that county sheriff's can persuade some politicians to side with the constitution, while politicians can't even agree on the impeachment fiasco.
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