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I think China is behind all of this.

All this 2A and gun-grabbing Democrrats stuff is just a distraction.

Much of everything we buy is made in China, so they have the money. It'll take a lot of money to take on the US, so that eliminates most countries/organizations.

They chose Va because Va is about the safest bet for civil retaliation. The citizens will think they're fighting for their 2A rights (which they would be) while playing into the Red Dragon's hand by starting a civil war.

That way China doesn't have to go to war with the US (yet). They'll sit back and the let US fight itself, and wait for the right time to pick up the pieces.

General LeMay was right.

Just one more thing...
Anyone else notice that the NRA has been keeping a low profile recently? Wouldn't the NRA that we all know and love be on the front line fighting for our Constitutional rights?
Where has the NRA been?
They've been taking Chinese payola to the bank.

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