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This is my lawyer disclaimer, I live in Oh, I have no affiliation with any group, I am not advocating anything. I do not want anything I have to say misconstrued as a threat, etc.

With that said.

I do a lot of reading to keep an eye on the political situation. There is a lot of anger seething in this country. A lot.

I saw a video the other day where an ultimatum was issued to the governor of Va. (I will not go back and find it).

I am afraid that if one person gets "Ruby Ridged", and it is not done in secret, it will be game on because everyone else then knows they could be the next one.

All you have to do is read the comments on news blurbs. Over the last couple years, the comments have changed from euphemisms to out and out language. Even on the Corvette forum I belong to, the language has changed to strong and harsh.

Wandering around the web, I have seen the Oath Keepers have gone to Va and are recruiting political as well as tactical instructors.

There is also a lot of DISINFORMATION fanning the fires, on both sides. I received a message from a relative to forward it out. Once I looked at it, I realized someone had put together pictures from totally unrelated events to look like there was military being geared up in Va. to be used against the 2nd amendment supporters there.

It is not good, and unfortunately one side keeps pushing pushing pushing.

I also read a very good editorial that surmised that there is someone (plural) else behind the Democrat party, that they are being used to try and forment a civil war in this country. We all do know (just look at campaign finance disclosures) that Bloomberg dumped a lot of money into Va and the politicians there are now owned.
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