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Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
Ruby Ridge (Idaho) was the federal government going in to get [arrest warrant service] a man that they said defied federal gun laws, and killed much of his family in the preceding resistance. anyone who openly defies the new anti 2nd amendment laws soon to be passed in Virginia will be "Ruby Ridged" but from the state level, unless they capitulate. people in other states already know this, that's why no one is openly defying them.
I know what Ruby Ridge was. The point I was making is that you are throwing around the "Ruby Ridged" in some cavalier manner. I don't think you understand that Ruby Ridges will not be as tolerated as you think they will be. I have seen what happens when the people who think they are the good guys, piss off the people they are supposed to be protecting. Some sheriff's are trying to talk some sense to the lawmakers right now. They might want to heed their advice.

This isn't upstate NY where gun control has been part of their rural culture for decades. VA is about as free as any pro gun state has been for longer than a few decades. Northam and his majority in the legislature, even though elected, are not going to pound the rest of the state into submission overnight or at all in the long run. I don't see this gun control fantasy ending the way they think it is going to end.

Ruby Ridge only happened because the Feds pushed it. They pushed and pushed and they regret Ruby Ridge to this day. They know what they did wrong and wished they could have a do over. State level LE pushing something like this, it is going to piss off people in a way they have not yet been pissed off. And I'm not going to say I hope I'm wrong... I know I am right.
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