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Originally Posted by JERRYS. View Post
first, the sanctuary counties are toothless. if anyone openly defies the new anti 2nd Amendment laws they will be Ruby Ridged by the state police while the sanctuary sheriff's department looks on.

second, once a law is passed (by the state government) its almost never repealed by the same body (state government) that enacted it.

third, the founding fathers took up arms against a foreign government occupying their homeland, not one they voted in themselves.
You've suggested whoever defies this will be Ruby Ridged more than once. Do you know what Ruby Ridge is to the feds? Well, it happens to be, till this day, their worst nightmare.

I don't think that people are quaking in their boots afraid of what might happen. Do you think the criminal element in the crime ridden urban areas where drugs and gang violence are at the highest levels, are afraid of LE? You think the criminal element in all 50 states is worried about getting Ruby Ridged? How many Ruby Ridges do you think Northam can handle? If I was LE, I would be more worried than anyone. I'd be more worried that if something does happen, that what used to be reasonable law abiding citizens might become pissed off enraged citizens.

Northam is going to get exactly what he wants by pushing his agenda. I see the democrats losing this in the end. LE can barely contain the 10% of civilians that are responsible for 90% of the crime. And now Northam, out of nowhere, is going to start a different war on law abiding citizens and he thinks this is a great idea? Sooner or later they are going to push the wrong person or family... and if they intentionally provoke it, they definitely will.

I see some LE think the citizens are just talking tough and will crumble in the end. But I see LE talking tough, not knowing what they are about to get into... or more like what their politicians just got them into.
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