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Originally Posted by 5whiskey View Post
I think you are wrong. Lord I hope you are wrong.

One fluke off year election where the Anti gun party achieved a razor thin majority because the opposing party didn’t field candidates in several critical races does not make a state a lost cause. I remember when Obama won in 2008 and every major news organization was harping on how the Republican Party had been banished into the wilderness. Well, they didn’t stay there very long as they easily retook congress in 2010.

I get it, VA is not the reliably conservative southern state it once was. The northern third of the state is pretty much a suburb to DC, and transplants have shifted the populace some. But it hasn’t changed that radically, as judged by over 90% of the counties passing 2A sanctuary resolutions. No I see a very galvanized opposition for any democrat running for any public office South of Alexandria for a long time to come. Laws may be passed in the meantime. Laws that stand at least a moderate chance of being repealed next election cycle. Being the party in power usually doesn’t last long unless you are in a very reliable state such as California for Dems or South Carolina for Republicans. Outside of some extremely reliable states, everything in the middle usually swings like a pendulum pretty reliably. This is how political history has been pretty much since the end of WW2.

Of course I could be wrong. But I hope not. And I absolutely agree on the insurrection crap. While I think there is a time and place for armed resistance against a government, we aren’t there yet. Any talk of such is... not appropriate now.
first, the sanctuary counties are toothless. if anyone openly defies the new anti 2nd Amendment laws they will be Ruby Ridged by the state police while the sanctuary sheriff's department looks on.

second, once a law is passed (by the state government) its almost never repealed by the same body (state government) that enacted it.

third, the founding fathers took up arms against a foreign government occupying their homeland, not one they voted in themselves.
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