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Originally Posted by Prof Young
There would have to be serious corruptions at a high federal level for the feds to be recording every gun purchase in the USA. YES, I KNOW WE'VE EXPERIENCED SERIOUS CORRUPTION AT THE FEDERAL LEVEL. But the way we know there has been corruption is that they get caught. Someone from the opposing party catches the corruption and slams the perpetrators to the mat.
Serious corruption? Why?

I guess it depends on your definition of "corruption." To me, the word "corruption" carries a connotation of a public official using his/her public office for some sort of private gain. Suppose, in the case of federal background checks, nobody involved is out to put any money (or other tangible or intangible assets) in their pocket, but they just think that the .gov "should have" a more permanent record of who is buying guns. So they just don't bother to destroy all those records that are supposed to be deleted after ___ days.

Personally, I would not be at all surprised if that's what is happening, but I don't think I would ascribe it to "corruption." I'm more inclined to ascribe it to ideology.
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