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Carrying a firearm in public is a tremendous responsibility, demanding all the perception and rationality one possess's. Clouding that level of awareness by consuming alcohol, in any degree, is asking for trouble. As somebody stated, alcohol and gunpowder do not mix. If you are involved in a shooting incident, and you've been drinking, regardless of the amount, you are in for a hard time on the legal side of things, criminal and civil.

One of your options while armed (or not, really) is avoidance. When possible, one avoids places that constitute an enhanced level of threat. Stay out of the bad parts of town, stay in lit areas, etc. One of the effects of alcohol is reducing inhibitions. People can do stupid things when drinking and make bad choices, and trouble results. Thus, a bar is one of those places one should avoid when armed. If a locale draws rough folks, then that is a locale one should avoid. You're in a public place and trouble makers show up, you leave. If a locale is frequented by troublemaker types, you don't go there.

We don't arm ourselves and then go looking for trouble, we are armed for when trouble comes looking for us.
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