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If we apply some rational choicemaking, per the OP,

On one side,we are talking about the importance of one beer. Maybe what we WANT is a beer. But maybe what we NEED is just something to drink with our chicken wings. An iced tea,lemonade,water, Dr Pepper might meet the NEED.

As far as the quality of your evening with your Wife or with your much difference does one beer make,assuming everything goes right?

With the beer,the evening is maybe a 9.5,without the beer its a 9.0

Generally,it SHOULD be "small beer". If its a whole lot more important, If I've just "Got to have a beer"...…..Odds are that one beer promise won't hold up,

Because there is already an implied promise not to mix gun and alcohol.

Cross that line for one beer, what do you do when your buddy buys you a shot? IMO,its easier to keep the line strong,don't cross it.

That does not mean I can't go out for a couple of beers. I just compromise being armed. I leave the gun at home. If its a rough bar,not ging there is wiser than going armed.

So far,we are talking about a good night,where nothing goes wrong.

But now,what if something DOES go wrong? You print and somebody tells the bartender "I think that guy has a gun". Someone drunk is extremely rude to your Wife. Or any other reason to have LEO contact.

The LEO asks " Have you had ANYTHING to drink.?"

Now how important s that one beer? On a one to ten scale? It might be a 9.8 for regrettable.

As Yogi Berra said,"When you come to a fork in the road,take it"

Its OK to be drivig on the interstate. Its OK to take the off ramp. Continuing down the interstate AND taking the off ramp can hurt.

Choice making is an important skill
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