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In my state, no one but ON DUTY law enforcement officers can legally carry in a bar. Period. The bars are posted, by law. They can lose their license if they don't have the required signage.

You can carry in a place like Dennys but not in the bar/lounge section.

Forget any arguments about the legal limits for DRIVING, carrying a gun is not driving. it may matter if you are found in possession, (when not in a bar), but any alcohol in your system (even one measly little beer) will hang you if you have to USE the gun. Why? because while not specified in LAW as "impaired" you ARE impaired in the eyes of the public (and the jury).

Your motor skills may not be measurably impaired, but you judgement IS. (for which there is no test) and while you might not think so, what you think doesn't matter.

Some time back there was a guy who had a couple glasses of wine IN HIS HOME. Bad guy broke in, He had to use a gun. What should have been quickly ruled a "good shoot" turned into a long drawn out EXPENSIVE legal battle, because the prosecution contended that while he was not legally intoxicated, his judgement WAS impaired. (they claimed he shot when he did not HAVE to shoot, because the wine impaired his judgement)

Don't carry in a bar, even if it is legal. If you're going out, armed, don't drink at all. Not even one little beer or glass of wine. None.
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