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Originally Posted by 1MoreFord View Post
OP, if you feel belt stiffness is part of your problem let me suggest BigFoot Gunbelts 14oz steel lined belt.

I’m not really sure stiffness is my problem, though. I mean well, the floppyness of my other two belts was enough proof that they were no where near stiff enough but, in my quest to find the perfect belt, I have been told that stiffer, isn’t always the answer. I think my two new belts are plenty stiff enough but, I still consider it strange that I still have to cinch them up fairly tight just to hold my pants up. But, I’ve about come to the conclusion that unless I can lose a lot of this spare tire of mine, that no belt is going to be comfortable when you have to sit down for long periods of time. I will admit that at the beginning of the day when my belly isn’t sore that the tightness I need when standing, is actually pretty comfortable, it’s just that after more than a few hours of sitting without loosening the belt, is when fatigue starts to set in.

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