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my 4k has been extremely picky about sd cards, was also told not to use anything over a 32gb gb card in it ive been using 16gb cards , and the card has to be a class 10 card

i bought some spare sandisk cards off amazon , and the scope wont even detect them, my older xsight works just fine with them , if ur card came from amazon etc i would suspect the card right off the bat

some symptoms of a card causing issues are scope not booting or booting up and not dis0playing widgets/crosshair, randome freezing of the scope , and specially the scope freezing up when taking pics or recording video

using obsidian 4 app on a smart phone or tablet is known to cause the scope to freeze up , the app for the 4k is junk i dont even try to use it anymore , just incase u were trying to use that

anyways drop me a pm tommorow and ill get back to ya soon as i see it
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