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Originally Posted by riffraff
I love my 15-22 even though at first I was unhappy they deviated so far from the platform and considered something else.. Would've been cool if they just based it on a mil spec polymer lower and then built it via all their proprietary parts, but whatever it's a great gun. Very light, very fun, maybe not as well built as a 10-22 but a lot more fun to shoot and no less accurate, as reliable as any .22.
I dislike the polymer upper of the 15-22, but see the 15-22 as only a step away from greatness.

If S&W had designed it with a mind toward greater interoperability of barrel nuts and upper receivers, its bolt could be the basis of a superior dedicated upper. Two things 15-22 owners rarely report are function problems and excellent accuracy. An aluminium upper receiver should clean up accuracy, and a slightly re-proportioned BCG that would fit in a normal upper should retain excellent accuracy. 15-22s also don't seem to suffer broken firing pins with the frequency Ceiner/PSA/RTB/CMMG units do.

The other downside of those other units is the absence of a LRBHO. While several outfits have manufactured a work around, and they work well, a more direct solution is presented by S&W -- a bolt, lower and magazine made from the ground up to function together. A lower with that direct solution would add much value.
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