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I have a TS dedicated 22LR AR15 16 inch mil profile with cut barreled upper on an self built Anvil Arms AR15 lower. I have a very nice 3 pound trigger and even with good quality reliable ammo it is at best a two inch circular hole @ 50 yards using a 2X 2MOA Aimpoint 9000SC RDS. It needs a bore snake about every 300-400 rds to ensure no FTF or FTE. I bought this to practice with back in the bad old Berry days. I paid $400.00 for the complete upper and 20 each for mags. It has an optics ready flat top 1913 rail with a tapered pinned mounted F marked front sight & actual gas block<not connected, nor does the barrel have a gas port drilled. I don't know much about the conversion kits but I do know that one that uses Black Dog mags if an option would be preferably imo.
Just face shoot the criminal was the advice I was given. Old tech new tech, face shooting will nearly always take the wrong doing out of a bad guy.
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