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FWIW,SAAMI max pressure for 30 carbine is 40.000 cup . That would be high for a handgun,its moderate for a two lug rotary bolt rifle. Still,I'd follow it. No need to beat up a carbine.

I suspect tangolima nailed it. Magtech /Armscor ammo is fairly common and value priced.

If a person buys some banging ammo,its likely to be Magtech or Aguila.

A production problem could cause dead soft brass to escape,and tangolima had the experience.

For all the suggestions about it being a gun related problem,when I think about "OK,just how does that cause the primer to fall out,? I can't come up with a connection.

It almost has to be an ammo problem. Change ammo.

Regarding 223/5.56 dropping primers: The nature of 223 brass is that it just does not have excessive strength around the primer pocket.
If you hotrod your 223/5.56 reloads,you will get loose primer pockets.

The perceived "benefit" of a few fps can cost you in brass life.

I have read that some match shooters load hot for 600 yds.They just accept the brass is scrap. Others may salvage it,only to find loose pockets

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