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.30 carbine

The .30 M1 carbine operates at very high pressure and I've always been deceived by its modest sized case. A reminder of the fact is to be around somebody shooting .30 carbine in one of the Ruger SA revolvers from back in the day.....concussive.

Still not clear f WHAT rifle we are discussing, it seems implied it is a semi-auto M1 Carbine, but the .30 carbine cartridge was available in the in the old Levermatic, and lever rifles ARE legal down under (I think).

All that said, I have seen primers tossed from an AR/.223 with it's semi action, the brass in question was reloaded and there was no primer crimp. If we are indeed discussing a GI semiauto carbine, I'd think by now, a GI carbine would have been shot a lot, the recoil spring could be due for a change, and the action would be very bang/slam in nature. Enough maybe to drive a primer from its pocket, especially if said ammo did not have a crimped primer.
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