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I can't say I know the answer. My impressions:

I'm having a hard time imagining a gun related condition that would cause the primers to fall out. What are the possibilities? Grossly excessive head clearance/headspace? Its hard to imagine enough to let the primer fall out.

Bellmouthed or oversize chamber diameter allowing too much case head expansion/unsupported case?....Maybe. Its conceivable.

Gross overpressure causing case head expansion/loose pockets...certainly could happed.

Remanufactured ammo had the primer crimp removed,thats normal,but the pocket may have been reamed/swaged oversize.

Obscure possibility,some foreign carbine ammo was berdan primed. The pocket dia may be close enough to prime with a boxer primer.That does not mean it will work out well. Look for a pair of small,off center "flash holes vs one about 1/16 in in the center.

In any case,I would not shoot more of that ammo.

Buy a box of known good ammo and try it.
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