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"...missing from spent cases..." Is not normal. Which rifle makes no difference, assuming it's military vs one of the many civilian copies. Some of which are better than others.
I'd be suspicious that the ammo may not be factory. More likely to be reloads. Blowing primers indicates excessive pressure or bad brass or both. Mind you, in Australia, you might still be seeing some old Chinese ammo. LC 52 is the head stamp on that. Also has Berdan Primers.
What's the brand or ammo and head stamp?
"...Rifle age unknown..." Military M1 Carbines were only made Stateside during W.W. II. There have been Carbines made elsewhere though. Howa in Japan, for instance. Those are pretty decently made though.
The Serial Number will tell you a lot. Each U.S. makers was assigned a S/N range.
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