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Yep. Apparently never heard of firearm restoration. Without clear photos post-rust removal, no such judgment call can be taken, anyway.


I did a brief statistical analysis on the next newer test he did, and because the sample size is only 4 bolts per penetrant, confidence that the success order wouldn't randomly change some positions if the test were repeated isn't very high. However, it appears the cheapest material, Liquid Wrench, is probably at least as good as any of the others and because it is the cheapest, gives you the most bang for your buck. That much is useful.

If you look at his next test where he allows 24 hours for three tested penetrants, you can see the difference is enough that if he allowed them all to sit for a week, he might see something that would be more impressive from several of them. I've left penetrants sitting up to six weeks and seen a significantly greater effect in one instance. A working shop doesn't like to let things sit that long, but for the individual trying to save the gun, I see no problem with it.
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