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Jar , nice collection. I can't remember anything about what I shot except it was black(Bluing) and the grips felt wide but then again I was either 10 or 11(40 years ago) when I shot this pistol and my hands were small and still are. I do remember aiming at some cactus pears(There everywhere in Sicily. Like weeds) and seeing them explode when I shot them. I emptied the mag and my uncle removed it and was in the process of reloading when My mom and aunt came running around the back of the house and seeing him with the gun in his hand and me nearby freaked. They actually started hitting him. He was laughing but I knew I wasn't going to get to that second mag. The fun was over and I would not shoot another gun till I joined the army. I decided last night to look further into this. I'm probably going back to Italy sometime next year and I'm going to find out actually what model I shot then acquire it . Till then the 81 should keep me happy.

Sidenote: My uncle visited the US 10 years ago. I took him to the range and he got to shoot my ak,ar,desert eagle etc. He was like a kid in a candy store. Almost everything in my collection is banned in Italy(then again NY is not far behind)
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