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By modern standards what Winchester calls a Featherweight is a heavy rifle. A 30-06 scoped will go over 8 lbs. There are other options out there that will come in under 6 lbs scoped.

I'd shop around for one of the Classics Winchester made between 1992 and 2006. Preferably one with a 6 digit SN. The later versions with 7 digit SN's were made later in the production run and the odds of getting one with issues increases.

They are really a better made rifle than the pre-64's.

The best current Winchester is the Extreme Weather. It uses a standard weight barrel to increase stiffness for accuracy but with the flutes cut in it reduces weight down to match the Featherweight with it's skinny barrel. You get the benefit if a stiffer, more accurate barrel with the same weight as the Featherweight rifle. Plus SS construction and a decent quality synthetic stock. An aftermarket stock will get weight down another 1/2 lb.

And in 2019 I'd opt for one in 308 over 30-06. You'll save another 1/4 lb, 25% on recoil, and no game animal will ever notice the difference. In 2019 a 308 easily beats what 30-06 was doing when O'Connor was writing.
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