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Your use will determine what to do.

For General plinking/trainer? Dedicated upper or the S&W. Personally I wouldn’t bother with the conversation kit on a fast twist barrel, unless you only intend to run the Aguila 60grs, but they or may not cycle it. While some Varmint 223 rounds may run 35-40gr bullets, compare them velocity difference to a 22LR.

For Accuracy? I really wanted a 22lr upper, but I have the expectation that my 22s are sub-MOA. What I found was the Nordic upper gets good (but limited) reviews. Beyer builds a quality barrel. There were two others that got good reviews as well. But the one thing in common was nobody could confirm any of these would hold MOA, let alone sub-MOA groups. The most common answer I found was if you want an accurate semi-auto, build a 10/22.

If you shop around you can find the Nordic upper for around $450.
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