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Having a tough time deciding on a model 70

I’ve always wanted another model 70 Winchester ever since my dad had one. He used to read a lot of Jack O’Connor stuff and it clearly influenced him.

I’m torn right now between the super grade and the featherweight.

Looks like in 30-06 there is a whole pound and 4 ounce difference with the super grade having a 24 inch barrel. I like that the super grade is all metal and wood. Featherweight has a 22 inch barrel that I like but has an alloy trigger guard and a plastic cap on the grip.

I like the weight and length of the featherweight but then again I hate shooting light rifles. I walk around a lot but also sit.

I just want a rifle I’ll be proud to have for the rest of my life and can pass on to the next generation and the super grade fits that. It’s just so heavy. Tough call.
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