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AR .22 Rimfire Conversion, Dedicated Barreled Upper or S&W 15-22?

I already have a 5.56mm upper with a 16" pencil profile barrel that I don't use anymore, so, I'm thinking about converting it to .22 rimfire. I'm not worried about clogging the gas port, since I have a replacement 5.56 upper that I like better. A CMMG conversion "BCG Only" kit with three 25-rd magazines is available for $175. But, I've heard that accuracy is only so-so due to free-bore inside the chamber insert and slightly larger bore diameter of the 5.56 barrel. Then again, I'll bet that 1-in-7" twist would stabilize those specialized Aguila 60gr bullets nicely.


For $375 I could buy a CMMG dedicated .22 rimfire barrel & integral "BCG" along with three 25-round magazines. This would eliminate the free-bore & bore diameter issues, and I might recoup some of the extra $200 in cost, by selling my 5.56mm take-off barrel afterward. Some folks report excellent accuracy with these type conversions.


For about $475 I could buy a S&W M&P 15-22 MOE along with a couple more 25-rd magazines. One of my kids has this rifle and it is a reliable tack-driver. Then I could just sell my whole 5.56mm upper.

Please vote in my poll and/or tell me what y'all think.
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