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My brother got a Bergara B14, and man that thing is accurate. Using 120 gr Nosler Ballistic Tips and H4350 powder, we found a great load quickly for his 6.5CM.

As for scope toughness, that older Leupold VX3 I mentioned earlier held up perfectly when I fell on it. I was climbing into a deer blind (4 feet up approx) on a wooden ladder when the rung I was holding on to broke. I fell backwards onto rocky ground, landing on the rifle and scope. That hurt. Later, when a nice buck showed up, I shot him at about 80 yards, so the scope was still ‘on’ (or close to it).

Bought a Leupold M8 6 power at a gun show in the 80’s, or maybe a bit earlier than that. Used it for years, sold it and the rifle to a brother. He used it for years, and a year or two ago brought it to me to sight in. The scope was broken ( loose lens). I sent that 45 year old scope to Leupold, and they sent me a new scope. I am a happy Leupold customer.
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