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Beretta or Mossberg Semi Auto for light target loads

Hi All,

I have been shooting a lot of skeet lately with my Browning Cynergy O/U 12 ga shotgun. It's a 26" barrel gun that's relatively light (I think 7.5 pounds) and if I shoot high volumes of shells (125 to 150 rounds per session, a few times a week) I can start to feel it in my shoulder, even if I use the light target loads (Fed or Win 2-3/4", 7/8oz, #8).

I'm considering getting a gas gun that I can use to shoot the low cost bulk 7/8oz #8 shot loads that I can get from a store locally.

I've done some searching online, and have also read some forum posts about sem-auto gas guns. The Beretta A400 Xcel's user manual says it can handle light 2-3/4" 7/8oz (24g) shells and I've read a few forum posts indicating that this is true and not just marketing hype. However, the A400 is very expensive.

I've read online that some folks have had success running a 28" barreled Mossberg 930 with light target loads, but it's unclear to me if that includes 7/8 oz #8 shot light clay loads (1145 fps rating on the box).

I really like the idea of buying the Mossberg 930 (28" field) - I own a Mossberg 500 in 20 gauge and it's an awesome, light pump action. Plus I like that the 930 is made in the US, etc..

However, I would strongly prefer a gun that could shoot the light 7/8 oz loads reliably. My local store sells the 7/8oz #8 loads in bulk (winchester target). They also sell 1-1/8 oz #7.5 loads in bulk, but i prefer the #8 shot light loads for clay shooting.

What's your experience with using very light #8 target loads in your 930? Does it cycle the shells reliably?

Should I go with the 930 or go with the A400 Xcel, which looks like an amazing gun, but sells for nearly 3x the price?

Thanks in advance!
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