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HIBC, I thought about a replacement, but I'm trying to be fair to everyone and this dealer primarily deals in tactical type weapons, I suspect a Colt SAA may sit on the shelf for along time.

This Colt was from Lew Horton distributors, whom if some of you haven't heard, is going out of buisness soon (I heard this from a very reliable source).

This is MY Colt Peacemaker. I don't want another one. I want THIS one... refurbished to the exact condition it was before Mr. Potato head frigged it all up . All I want is for them to accept responsibility and to be compensated for the reblued cylinder and any hammer sear / finish damage not covered by warranty. I think that is more than fair and I have a strong hunch the Judge will agree with me if the Dealer insists on allowing this to go to small claims court... which will end up costing them FAR more than if they did the right thing now.

She is back with Colt now, safe and sound, awaiting her makeover. The BBB contacted the dealer yesterday. No response yet. I'm an optimist... things will work out and I'll be compensated, either now or in the future.

She will return to me sooner or later. My heart will remain true and steadfast. No one can take her place. Sure, there are others, but they are just guns. She is MY Colt Peacemaker.

There can be only one.

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