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I'm not victim blaming, but it's always a good idea to let your dealer know ahead of time what you have coming in and any special precautions to take.

If you did that, then the dealer has little to argue with.]
If the dealer orders a SAA in to stock as inventory,and put on display,from the time the dealer receives it till he sells it,the gun is the dealers property.

The dealer can cut zip ties,dry fire,spin the cylinder ,fan it,twirl it,drop it,etc.

Its the dealer's skin in the game.

With a transfer,the seller owns it till the transfer is made,then the buyer owns it. At no time is that gun the transferring FFL;s property.

Cutting the zip tie and manipulating the action is the equivalent of breaking and entering and trespassing.

Any damage or loss incurred while monkeying around with anther man's property shoud be fully compensated.

IMO,a factory reblue is not good enough. The transferring dealer should order an identical SAA for the customer,and take the damaged one into his store inventory.

The young stupid employee responsible...lets get real here, Eyeballing the space between the cylinder and frame accomplishes checking the gun,that can be done with the gun in the box. The zip tie was cut because "Young and Dumb" wanted to play with a gun that was not his. Intent,excuses,don't nean anything.
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