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The Colt may not be a collectors gun in your opinion at this point in time and I'm sure many would agree with you, although I don't. They seem to be selling pretty quickly as the Colt website always says they are not available. Been that way for awhile. Long waiting list at the Colt custom shop. Demand must be greater than the supply, as they seem to sell above MSRP by about 10% or more here in the USA.
And... the Colt manual states it IS a collector's gun, and excessive handling and or shooting it will devalue it. I mean, after all, it IS a Colt, and if the manual states it has collectors value, who are we to question it?? I mean, it's not like it's Hipoint saying its 9mm is a collector's piece... this is COLT writing this. .
My intention, as I previously wrote, was to put it away, unmolested, unturned, etc, for SEVERAL DECADES, at which point one of my heirs may appreciate it, or I will sell it if I'm still kicking. In several decades, a 2019 Colt SAA, unturned, unfired and uncocked, in the USA... WILL be a collectors item. Few will doubt that. We Americans like our Colts and Winchesters. We are talking 30 years in the future. Pretty sure it WILL appreciate in value... even more so if some nimrod didn't play with it and mar up the cylinder.
Thanks for your advice. Small claims court is my next step, no lawyer needed... I have before and after photos and can testify before the Judge. Odds are they will settle during mediation.

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