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I never had a lot of use for a .410, until I bought a sweet handling side by side. But junky cheap .410's are not to my liking.
A good smooth operating .410 can be fun, though. Some ways it shines is you can get it in a sweet handling and very light side by side, and it can be more effective then one might imagine, with the added benefit of much lighter ammunition, which adds up to a much lighter load to pack, on long walks.

Down side is reduced effective range, and factory loaded .410 shells are usually more expensive to purchase.

Another gauge that is better, but has some of the same advantages of the .410 is the 28ga. I don't really understand why it is not more popular, because it bridges the gap between .410 and 20ga. The 28 kicks more like a .410 and kills about as good as a 20ga.
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