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In the truck it's mostly an AR, but on the belt it mostly a 357 or a 44 revolver. Although the 22 Ruger Mk3 or the K22 also get their share of "carry time".

During hunting season, if I have licenses on the land or near-by, I carry what every hunting rifle I will use that season.

But for the other 9 months of the years it's mostly a 5.56/223, and I am just one of many. I would guess that the ARs are by far the most common Ranch/Farm rifles around here. If I made a guess I'd say about 1/2 of all the land owners, farmers and cowboys I know use ARs with the other 1/2 using a conglomeration of many many other rifles.
You see a lot more "elk rifles" as truck guns as you get into the mountain, because of the bears. I live in the Wind River Valley, so in the valleys I see more ARs. They are fine for about everything we need a rifle for on a day to day basis in the lower elevations. Prairie dogs to wolves, they cover the bases fine for shooting most things that need to be shot.

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