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Interesting thread with all the comments but if you don't live day-to-fay in the country for years on end it's very challenging to say what is appropriate. I went from 150 acres to 32 acres to 6.5 acres changing living locations. Gun selection changed based on the environment. Still, two guns that are consistent to everything are a 223 and a shotgun.
Entirely true.

Case in point: A cousin who eventually inherited that side of his family's farm because no one else wanted it (they were all committed to life in the 'urban zones' - a couple of them in Chicago - so he bought them out), keeps three 'truck guns' either in the cab or in a locked long box (security vault) in the trunk while tooling around the farm.

They are: a scoped .22 rifle; an M1 Garand which he's had for decades; and an old 'humpback' Browning 12ga shotgun that was his father's.
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