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Maine Hunting Firearms Laws:
"It is Unlawful to Hunt with, or Possess for Hunting,
Any:Automatic firearm (a firearm that continues to fire as long as the trigger is held back.)
Auto-loading firearm (a firearm that reloads itself after each shot and requires a separate trigger pull for each shot) with a magazine capacity of more than 5 cartridges (plus 1 in the chamber for a total of 6), unless the magazine has been permanently altered to contain not more than 5 cartridges."
Do some states allow greater magazine capacity???
Some states have no mag restrictions, or may have a specified capacity restriction depending on the type of game you're hunting, but not for others. A couple of 'rifle-friendly' states, like Texas and Ohio, don't restrict mag capacity when hunting coyotes or hogs. For deer, it might be different.

That said, the passage quoted above from Maine's 'Hunting Firearms Law' applies only if you're actually hunting.

If you're keeping an AR in your ranch truck with a 20-rd mag inserted for reasons or uses other than hunting, it doesn't apply. Two such reasons might be (1) self-defense or property defense from human trespassers, or (2) if you're out traveling your property line engaging in 'predator control' to protect crops or livestock (e.g., coyotes, wolves, feral dogs, hogs).
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