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I'm not a rancher.The folks I have known in the agra-biz generally have a lot of tasks on their mind.
Which means they don't necessarily have time to react to every coyote they see.
Generally they know someone who likes to hunt pests. They can delegate that chore with a phone call.

Same with the idea that 200 yds of fence is knocked down because a mountain lion is freaking out the cattle at night.The rancher has fence to fix and cattle to check. He'll call Division of Wildlife.

This man has passed on,but I knew a dryland rancher who had a problem.The city owned a property adjacent to his.The city was growing,and it had a prairie dog problem.The solution the city came up with involved transplanting the PD's onto the city owned rural land.Of course.the grass was greener on the rancher's side of the fence.

So he now had two PD towns on his land.

His answer? He knew that PD's are part of the Grand Plan. As a steward of his land,he told us "I can just poison them out and be done wt it,but I don't want to do that.As long as you two keep them shot back enough they aren't taking over,it will work.

He did not have time or interest in PD hunting.He left that to us.

Something like a badger out in the daylight acting strange (rabid) might need disposal.Any gun will work.

Coyotes in his yard woke him up.They were a hazard to his barn cats and cow dogs. Launching rifle rounds into the darkness is a hazard. IMO,a shotgun with a light and some Dead Coyote shot might be a good all around back porch gun.

This Gentleman owned a Rem 788 22-250 and a Ruger Blackhawk 357. He also had a mallet and the $10 Lee Loaders. Was a time this Gentleman and his Wife spent a lot of time in the saddle.The 357 served.

I can sure see a Mini-14 or a carbine AR as a pickup gun. The old $79 NIB SKS carbine (when those were available) might serve well...but I think the Ruger more likely suits the rancher's tastes.

Another Old Guy I knew was in the hay biz. He kept a Glenfield 30-30 and an H+R 22 LR DA revolver in the truck.

I know another rancher that keeps an Armalite AR-10 in the truck.

I know of a long range hiker woman,as in Mexico to Canada,who says "We tend to pack for our fears". Not saying the Rancher fears much,but ...Whether its a rabid badger ,or feral dogs or hogs..The Rancher has an idea what he might face in a day. So,in his truck might be a coil of barbed wire,a stretcher,some staples,a fence pliers . Fence repairs happen.His Windmills or a gate might need fixing.

If lions or wolves or Tweaker cultist cattle nutilators are on his mind,he might carry the appropriate tool.

But the gun is like a handy=man jack or a fence post driver. Its a tool for a job.

The Rancher does not pack for show.

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