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No, that would be a pistol. There is no length limit for a pistol. However, if you add a vertical foregrip to a pistol, it’s no longer designed to fire with the use of a single hand. So a pistol with a vertical foregrip is an NFA AOW if it’s under 26”, and a non-NFA “firearm” if it’s over 26”.

Keep in mind that the shape of the Shockwave’s birds-head grip has zero direct bearing on making it a “firearm” other than the fact that it gets the overall length over the 26” limit. With a regular pistol grip, the overall length of the Shockwave would be under 26”, so it would be an AOW.

A regular 18” pistol-grip-only shotgun is a “firearm” just like a Shockwave, since they both are shotguns that don’t have stocks (and were originally made without them) and both are over 26” in overall length.
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