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" I think a 22lr and suppressor would cause an epidemic of the vapors amongst the soccer moms."

Most likely.
Even when many shooters first notice the muffler out front there's that "OH SNIT" he's got a silencer moment. Often followed by "Can I shoot it?".
Last fall, I stopped at the neighbor's "deer camp" to check in with them as I usually do. They were blasting away trying to zero their rifles and I pulled out my suppressed AR for the landowner to see. First comment was "Can I shoot it?". I let him send a couple while the others first experience with suppression gave them a surprise. Everyone was donning ear muffs while I just stood behind the shooter watching their expressions. After the first PFFFT, most pulled the muffs to get a real perspective of the sound. One of the guys( a big city cop) commented that his patrol unit was scheduled to get suppressors within a year but now he hoped it was much sooner.
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