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My expectations were modest. My prior air rifle experience was a conspicuously adult sized rifle that bragged great speed and power, 1000 fps if I recall correctly. It must have had a 10 pound trigger and I thought the 10 yard groups were hopeless, so I sent it back.

I wouldn't consider staying on a soda can at 20m acceptable for a rimfire, but as an introductory tool that allows showing my daughter the basics of position, sight use and trigger control, I thought it scratched the itch. I think it was $100.

The density in my neighborhood doesn't allow 22lr use. A 600fps air rifle used under adult supervision doesn't raise eyebrows; yes, it could hurt someone but the energy is bled from that little pellet so quickly that I doubt a ricochet would break a window. I think a 22lr and suppressor would cause an epidemic of the vapors amongst the soccer moms.
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