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The difference has little to do with the idea behind the post.
You are right. The point was that airguns can be quite loud, likely louder than a suppressed rimfire. In fact, my guess is that a powerful airgun could even be louder than an unsuppressed .22LR rifle with a fairly long barrel using the CCI Quiet ammo.
That highly rated pellet rifle is a dismal waste of $150.
Conventional airgun pellets are poor projectiles and bleed velocity/energy very rapidly. Even a very powerful "conventional" .177 airgun is going to be quite limited in terms of effective range both from the perspective of wind and terminal performance. Conventional airguns do not compete well with firearms for range and terminal performance. Moving to PCP airguns and more "bullet-like" projectiles can yield black-powder like performance with the larger bores.

IMO, conventional airguns have their own niche and should not be viewed as filling the same requirements as firearms. That kind of approach will lead to an (accurate) assessment of airguns as being a waste of money. On the other hand, for shooting indoors, or in areas where firearms are impractical or illegal, or for a hobby in and of themselves, independent of firearms, they can work very well.
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