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When you get past petty likes or dislikes of an individual you could learn more about the positive or negative impact emotions can have on your training.
I don't know who this guy is, so I have no predispositions, petty or otherwise.

However, when I read someone promoting ideas like:

* Law enforcement should be "demon hunters" (i.e. judge/jury/executioner) rather than community helpers (you know, their actual job)

* Veterans should be happy enough with memories of violence and its glorification and not seek counseling

* The right solution is always to run headlong into violence

...and then try to rationalize these arguments with some poorly thought-out analogy about armed zebras of all things... well, he's giving me a pretty objective reason not to like him.

I get that this article is probably just clickbait trying to get views for advertisers, but as we have seen, there are impressionable people who will buy into this dangerous BS.


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